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 December 10
1994: (or previous night) Garnet Daymon Smith aka Garnet Silk passes away at the age of 28. (b. April 2, 1966)
He and his mother were killed in gas explosion at his home in Mandeville, Jamaica; two of his brothers were injured. It is said that they forgot to turn off the gas at the main cock, the gas filling the house caught fire from a cigarette. Is it really so?
1924: Michael Manley is born in Kingston, Jamaica.
Michael Norman Manley, former Prime Minister of Jamaica and former leader of the People's National Party, is the second of two sons of Norman Manley, one of Jamaica's founding fathers.
1986: "Marijuana High" published by Daisan Shokan in Japan.

 December 11
Sorry, no event

 December 12
1960: Peter Hunnigale is born.
1963: Kenya gains independence from Britain (National Day).
1990: Jackie Mittoo goes into hospital.
Jackie passed away 4 days after...
2000: Lady Saw signes agreement to join Shocking Vibes.

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